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The 60th Anniversary Symposium for the Richland Section of the ACS will be November 8, 2008 at the Red Lion Hotel Hanford House in Richland, WA. The poster session and symposium are free. The dinner includes a program to recognize our 50-year members. Dinner tickets are $35 for adults and $20 for students. Please contact Novella Bridges by E-mail or phone (509-372-4806) for tickets.

Symposium Agenda

12:00-2:00 pmSymposium I - 4 speakers
2:00-2:30 pmBreak
2:30-4:30 pmSymposium II - 4 speakers
4:30-6:00 pmPoster session/mixer
6:00-9:00 pmDinner: "This is your Life, A Celebration of Six Decades of Service"


12:00 pmLee BurgerEarly Radiochemistry (1940 – 1960’s) Chronology of the Manhattan Project
12:30 pmJim CampbellOrganic-analytical methods that were developed in the 90’s and were critical to understanding the degradation of organics in the tanks.
1:00 pmGlen FryxellChemical Separations in the 21st Century
1:30 pmJim FranzFrom the Primordial to the Nanoscale Catalyst: Development of Mechanistic Chemistry in Coal Conversion
2:00 pmBreak 
2:30 pmMorris BullockMetal Hydrides in Molecular Catalysis Cheap Metals for Noble Tasks
3:00 pmKeith ThompsonEnergy from Biomass: Ongoing work at the Center for Bi-Products and Bioengineering at the Bioproducts Science & Engineering Lab at WSU Tri-Cities
3:30 pmMike DavisEnergy and Energy Infrastructure Going Forward
4:00 pmAnna CavinatoActive Learning Strategies in the Chemistry Classroom and Laboratory

Facts concerning the Richland Section

  1. Geographically, the Section covers southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon. It is primarily an agricultural area, with a few universities and specialty chemical companies sprinkled in. The primary employers for chemists and other scientists are the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), and other government contractors providing services for DOE's Hanford Site.
  2. The Section was formed in 1948, as production of plutonium at the Hanford Site entered the post-war era. One of the individuals responsible for organizing the Section was Robert Moore. Quoting from Moore’s autobiography, As I Knew Him, "There was a club for almost any hobby or activity… There was one group though that was missing, a local chapter of the American Chemical Society. I had joined the ACS while a student at the University of Texas, … and was shocked that there wasn’t a local section in Richland, particularly considering the large number of chemists and chemical engineers on site." Moore organized the chemists, filed the paperwork, and in 1948 the Richland Section was born. The members promptly elected Moore as the Section’s first Chairman.
  3. The Richland Section is named for one of the major towns in the area, Richland, Washington. The mayor of Richland has signed a proclamation declaring November in honor of the Section's anniversary.
  4. The Richland ACS Section is quite active for its size. It was named a finalist for seven ChemLuminary awards, presented at the Fall 2008 National ACS Meeting in Philadelphia. The Section received three of those.

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