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The goals of the 2019 Strategic planning retreat for Richland section are:

  • Communicate the wonder of chemistry to students and the community and increase student engagement in the Richland Local Section
  • Provide members opportunities for exchange of knowledge, networking, professional development and recognition
  • Empower and engage members/member communities in the Richland Local Section

This section budget reflects the strong commitment the ACS Richland local section has to accomplish these goals of strategic planning to advance the broader chemistry enterprise by providing resources, programs, and outreach for the benefit of our communities.

The budget variance relative to the previous years is driven by several factors:

  1. We have set aside funding for the local section web site makeover in order to improve section appearance and activities (items 16b, 16c, 17a, 17d $1900).
  2. Grants received in CY2019 and prior years will be expended in CY2020 (21b and 21g $3150).
  3. Expanded support for travel awards for ACS student members (14a $3500) and for the ACS Annual Social to increase community outreach across the local section (17c $1800).
  4. Kick off Grant for Washington State Chemistry Club in support of an ACS Inter-Chapter Relations Grant (21r $1250).

The Richland Section is financially sound (assets projected to be ~$60,500 in early 2020) and can easily absorb these costs. The Executive Committee has reviewed this budget in detail and approves its focus and details. It is up for Members to vote and approve. Please send any questions to Deepika Malhotra at by February 19th.

Proposed 2020 budget

REVENUES2017 Final2018 Final2019 Final2020 Proposed
(1) Annual ACS Allotment (plus dues)$8,184$7,805$7,768$7,625
(2) New member commissions$75$0$15$0
(3) Donations, contributions$0$0$0$0
  3a) Bequests and/or trusts$0$0$0$0
(4) Rebate from ACS for Councilor travel expenses$2,389$2,457$2,436$2,500
(5) ACS Awards or Grants received
    (e.g., IPG, ACS Inter-Chapter Relations Grant)
(6) Program revenue (short courses, lecture series etc.)$0$0$0$0
(7) Local section dues, affiliate dues$1,502$1,529$1,186$1,200
(8) Interest, dividends$15$15$126$100
(9) Special events and activities$0$0$132$0
(10) Meals (include total meals in revenue)$0$0$0$0
(11) Other revenue (describe and itemize)
  a) AIChE contribution to summer picnic$0$0$0$0
  b) Early bird discount for leadership training$250$250$250$250
  c) NORM 2018----$28,964$0
  d) 2019 Strategic Planning Retreat (LSAC grant)$0$2,000$0$0
(12) TOTAL REVENUES$13,465$15,656$43,627$12,425
EXPENSES2017 Final2018 Final2019 Final2020 Proposed
(13) Subsidies to subsections, topical groups, or affiliate groups$0$0$0$0
(14) Awards, scholarships, grants, etc.
  a) Travel awards for ACS student members$3,000$2,500$3,500$3,500
  b) HS Teacher Grants$0$0$0$100
  c) Outstanding Teacher Award$0$0$0$100
  d) General Awards$270$168$0$300
  e) Supplemental awards$100$0$200$200
(15) Administrative expenses (not including postage, printing, and shipping)$0$0$64$100
(16) Printing, publications, newsletters, meeting announcements, postage
  a) Newsletter$561$649$604$750
  b) Public relations$0$0$0$300
  c) Web update*$0$0$0$1,000
  d) Miscellaneous$0$10$358$50
(17) Local Meetings (include speakers' expenses)
  a) Speakers$0$0$0$300
  b) ACS Picnic$291$224$294$300
  c) ACS Annual social$891$1,251$1,873$1,800
  d) Science Cafes$35$0$365$400
(18) Meals$0$40$92$200
(19) Travel subsidies to Councilors$2,986$3,071$3,045$3,500
(20) Travel subsidy and fee for Local Section Leadership Conference$1,764$1,072$1,213$1,250
(21) Other expenses (describe and itemize)
  a) K-12 outreach$50$0$500$500
  b) Grant (IPG, other ACS grants)**$0$0$589$2,750
  c) NCW$365$412$375$500
  d) Olympiad$0$0$0$100
  e) Science Fair and award$425$425$425$450
  f) Girls in Science$500$500$500$500
  g) Bridging the gap mini grant (communication equipment)**$0$0$0$300
  h) Diversity Affairs Committee$0$0$0$500
  i) Boy Scouts Nuclear Science Merit Badge$75$0$0$75
  j) Earth Day$197$147$189$200
  k) Project SEED$900$2,500$0$900
  l) Joint society meeting$0$0$0$50
  m) Career fair$2,400$0$0$0
  n) Women Chemists Committee$0$217$600$600
  o) Expanding Your Horizons$0$250$332$500
  p) Government Affairs Committee$0$0$0$0
  q) 2019 Strategic Planning Retreat$0$0$1,133$0
  r) Kick off Grant for Washington State Chemistry Club$0$0$0$1,250
Summary2017 Final2018 Final2019 Final2020 Proposed
(22) TOTAL EXPENSES$14,810$13,437$16,250$23,325
(23) EXCESS (DEFICIT)($1,345)$2,219$27,376-$10,900


*16c We have set aside funding for local section web site makeover to improve our outreach and membership activities

**21b and 21g are related to the expenses incurred in 2020 from grants received in 2019 and prior years.


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